Capital Tool Industries


CTI manufactures engineering masterpieces Gear Cutting Tools, such as Gear Shaving Cutters, Involute Gear Cutters, Side and Face Cutters, Scalping and Cylindrical Cutters, Broaches, Chain Sprocket Hobs, Gear Hobs, Spline Hobs, Inserted Blade Gear Hobs, Gear Shape Cutters, Milling Cutters, Shaper Cutters Learn More..

Gear Hobs

CTI is expert in manufacturing ultra precision gear cutting tools and gear hobs for cutting Spur and Helical Gear Hobs of maximum perfection. Each tool is designed to meet specification with every type of profile modification like protuberance, chamfering, topping and tip relief.
CTI produces Straight and Involute Gear Hobs, Chain Sprocket and Timing Pulley Gear hobs, Worm Gear Hobs.
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Gear Shaper Cutters

CTI manufactures and designs gear cutting tools, helical and spur gear shaper cutters to produce all types of internal and external Gears, Sprockets, Splines and Timing Pulleys . Custom made shaping cutters to cut pre-shaved and pre-ground gears with profile modifications like protuberance and semi topping can be supplied.
Gear Shaper Cutter can be of Hub type, Disc type, Shank Type, Deep Counter Bore
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Gear Shaving Cutters and gear cutting tools are precision ground for finishing pre‐shaped gear shaving cutters pre‐ hobbed gear shaving cutters. All tools are supplied with inspection and lead test charts.
Gear Shaving Cutters can be of Conventional, Diagonal and Underpass
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Spline Broaches

We are fully equipped to manufacture both special and standard Spline Broaches in either pull or push styles, including all types of Spline broaches, round broaches, surface broaches, internal hole, and keyway broaches. Broaches are made to suit component specifications, customer’s machine and holder details. We manufacture hexagonal spline broaches, rectangular spline broaches, round spline broaches
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Milling Cutters operates on horizontal or universal edge machines to machine giant broad surfaces quickly.Cutters employed in block edge might have straight or spiral teeth manufacturing orthogonal or oblique cutting action. additionally referred to as Scalping Cutters area unit factory-made from 6″ dia to 8″ dia & length from 16″ to 20″ in light & heavy duty. These are used for scalping copper & brass strips
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CTI manufactures high quality Gear cutting tools, Sunderland and Maag Rack Type Cutters to the clients. These cutters are manufactured using high‐grade HSS raw material as well as employing the most modern facilities. Cutters for MAAG, Sunderland and other Gear Planing Machines are widely used by the clients
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