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CTI exists to help reduce tool cost per workpiece while ensuring repeatable high-quality standards. CTI are capable for almost all spiral bevel and hypoid gear production applications, face milling or hobbing, wet or dry cutting and at any desired production volume.


Straight Bevel Cutter Blades (Konvoid Blades): Inserted blades
KONVOID blades are used for Straight bevel gear generators in WMW, Klingelnberg, Russian machines as per below sets
Module ZFTK 250 X 5 : Set of (22+22) 44 blades
Module ZFTK 500 X 10: Set of (28 + 28) 56 blades
Russian Konvoid blades: Set of 72 blades
WMW Blade sets
RSR Type blades


AMK Blades: Set of 20 blades –

5R / 5L series from Module 2.50 to 14.00 suitable for Spiral Bevel Gear for Machine Klingelnberg Type AMK 250, AMK 400, AMK 630, AMK 635, AMK 855, KNC40 & FK41B Machines for cutting pinion and gear as well as Hypoid gears. We are Specialist in producing Klingelnberg 5 series blade sets and supporting.

In forms A+B+C+D, each form consists of 5 pcs segment = 20 blades in 1 set. Specifications: Specification Module 5R/55 (J+K = 10 Blades) 2.0, 2.6 5R/75 (A+B+C+D = 20 Blades) 2.6,4.0 5R/100 (A+B+C+D = 20 Blades) 4,5,6 5R/135 (A+B+C+D = 20 Blades)

5R/170 (A+B+C+D = 20 Blades) 5,6,7,8,10,12 5R/210 (A+B+C+D = 20 Blades) 8,10,12 5R/218 (A+B+C+D = 20 Blades) 10, 12 5R/260 (A+B+C+D = 20 Blades) 10,12 5R/268 (A+B+C+D = 20 Blades)


Manufacture in both with Toprem and without Toprem, suitable for WMW
Spiral Bevel Gear Machines.
75 mm Dia – Set of 8 Blades
106 mm Dia. – Set of 10 Blades
150 mm Dia. Set of 12 Blades
212 mm Dia – Set of 16 Blades
300 mm Dia – Set of 18 Blades
Material: H.S.S. AISI-M2, M35


Oerlikon type Spiromatic blades (SKM1 & SKM2 Machines)

Oerlikon blades are produced for Spiral gear machines SKM1, SKM2. These cutters blades are inserted/ mounted on Oerlikon Cutter bodies EN, FS, ETC series.

For EN series blades, there are set of 3 blades A, V, I/J A (External cutter blade), V (Deeping cutter blade), I/J (inside cutter blade)
For FS Series blades, 3 x 11 = 33 blades as 1 set

We also have lot of inventory for new & used Oerlikon Spiromatic SKM1, SKM2 Cutter bodies.
These are largely used for generating bevels and pinions for varied industrial purposes and even for cutting Hypoid gears.
Our precision engineered Oerlikon blades are also supplied as per the requirements of the client. They are available in the following sizes:

7.5 X 9 mm
13 X 10.5 mm
17 X 13.5 mm


Bevel Gear

A pair of Two tools (Twin) generator blades are largely used in straight bevel gear generators in different industries.

It is a planetary gear suitable for all types of machines in module ranging from 0.3 to 20. The generator blades are manufactured using M-2 M-35, which helps in making it durable and long lasting.


A highly productive cutter used for completing and finishing operations. It’s made with the blades and cutter body as one integral unit, and is particularly useful for cutting smaller fine pitch gears. Solid body cutters are one pcs structured cutters used in Gleason spiral bevel generators to cut pinion and gear. No mounting of any blades are required like in other cutter bodies where the blades are mounted or inserted according to do the profiling.

We are specialist in making solid body cutters; we manufacture & export 500 solid body cutters annually in sizes ranging from 1.1” to 6” Dia (with or without Coating) For cutting Crown pinion roughing / finishing cutters on Gleason Spiral bevel Machines–

Solid cutter body
Diameter: 1.1″ to 6″
No of Teeth: 12 or 20 (OB=? IB=? PW=?)
Material: HSS M2, M35, ASP 23, ASP 30
Coating: TIN, ALTIN, ALCRONA PRO (as per request)


Conventional Circular Cutter Blades For Small Spiral Bevel Gear
Normal Module Range from 0.3 to 1.3 Mη
Material: H. S. S. AISI – M2, M35