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Single Gear Cutters – from 0.1 to 55 Module, 120 to 0.5 DP for specific number of teeth or in sets of 8 cutters.
When ordering single gear cutters, the cutter number or the number of teeth to be cut must be specified.
Stepped Up Gear Roughing Cutters are available in Alternating Plain and Serrated form for faster roughing of large gears.


Milling Cutters

CTI produces form milling tools for all types of applications based on customers specifications.

Spline Milling Cutters for Straight and Involute Splines with/without lugs.

Sprocket Cutters designed for cutting sprocket teeth of roller‐chain wheels according to BS, ASA and DIN standards.

Whether standard or custom non‐standard we have a solution for everything. We manufacture tooth‐form cutters, spline milling cutters and thread‐milling cutters to print.


Milling Cutters Tools

Slab Milling Cutters operates on horizontal or universal milling machines to machine large broad surfaces quickly. Cutters used in slab milling may have straight or helical teeth producing orthogonal or oblique cutting action. Also called Scalping Cutters are manufactured from 6″ dia to 8″ dia & length from 16″ to 20″ in light & heavy duty.
These are used for scalping copper & brass strips.