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Gleason Type Blades

A highly productive Gleason Type Blades cutter used for completing and finishing operations. It’s made with the blades and cutter body as one integral unit, and is particularly useful for cutting smaller fine pitch gears. Solid body cutters are one pcs structured cutters used in Gleason spiral bevel generators to cut pinion and gear. No mounting of any blades are required like in other cutter bodies where the blades are mounted or inserted according to do the profiling.

We are specialist in making solid body cutters; we manufacture & export 500 solid body cutters annually in sizes ranging from 1.1” to 6” Dia (with or without Coating) For cutting Crown pinion roughing / finishing cutters on Gleason Spiral bevel Machines–

Solid cutter body
Diameter: 1.1″ to 6″
Coating: TIN, ALTIN, ALCRONA PRO (as per request)
No of Teeth: 12 or 20 (OB=? IB=? PW=?)
Material: HSS M2, M35, ASP 23, ASP 30

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