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Involute Gear Hobs

Involute Gear HobsInvolute Gear Hobs

Involute Gear Hobs for generating gears of maximum accuracy, manufactured in finishing, pre-shaving with or without protuberance and semi topping profiles. These are supplied in single or multi-starts in class ‘AA’, ‘A’ & ‘B’ as per DIN 3968.

Involute Gear Hobs are supplied for generating parallel or angular splines, straight or helical splines with profile modifications like semi topping, undercutting, shoulder clearance, etc.

Involute Spline Hobs as per DIN 5480, 5481 & 5482, NFE 22 141, ANSI B92.1
Parallel Spline Hobs with or without lugs, semi‐topping and shoulder clearance.
For Power take-off shafts‐ DIN 9611.

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