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Gear Hobs Cutters

Standard Gear Hobs - Gear Hobs CuttersGear Hobs Cutters

Capital Gear Tools provides a wide variety of gear hobs. These gear cutters are the best gear cutting tools in the automobile and industrial machinery industries. All types of high-speed steel hobs are supplied to cut involute gears, splines, serrations, and special forms.

Basic Parameters

  • Range : Module:1.0 to 40 (50 to 360mm diameter)
    DP: 50 Dp to 0.7 DP
  • Start: Single or Multiple
  • Accuracy : A, B & c (as per DIN 3968, BS 2062)
  • Forms: Non-Topping, Semi-Topping, Topping, Finishing, Pre-shaving, Pre-grinding, With or Without protuberance, Full fillet, etc.
  • Material : M-2, M-35, ASP 30 etc.